Ndemic Creations is a small and very successful studio focused on making intelligent, sophisticated and ultra-high quality strategy games. Its first game Plague Inc. has over 85 million players and is one of the most popular paid mobile games ever.  In 2016, Ndemic was recognised in the Sunday Times Tech Track as the 72nd fastest growing tech company in the UK. For more information – see our 2016 report card.

Our office is in Bristol, UK (7 people), we pay above London market salaries and we have a 4 day working week (taking Fridays off!)

Immediate Vacancies:


General areas of interest:



Senior Programmer

Game Writer (freelance possible) 

Game Designer - focus on simulation / strategy / Algorithmic design

Comms & Marketing professional

We are always interested in hearing from talented, self motivated and passionate people who want to work with us. To get in touch, send us an email at letting us know what you are interested in as well as telling us about yourself and what you would bring to Ndemic Creations. Attaching a CV is always helpful as well if you have one floating around.


Paid Internships - currently closed - expected to open next Summer 2017


We also offer paid internships sometimes - if you are a student or someone trying to get a foothold in the industry - get in touch at letting us know what kind of internship you are interested in, when you are available and what you think you would contribute to Ndemic Creations.


Game Partnerships (financial / design / publishing)


Very rarely, we see / hear about a game that really catches our eye, maybe it is a game we always wanted to make ourselves or a game that will really appeal to our existing community. Typically, the game will have already started development and will be in the strategy/simulation space for PC, mobile or both.

If your game is a special fit and you think a partnership with us would add value - send us some information to

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