Scenario Creator now available on iOS and Android!

Hello sickly sidekicks!


The next big thing for Plague Inc. has landed - the Scenario Creator app for iOS and Android is now available to download!


This standalone Plague Inc. Scenario Creator is a powerful yet easy-to-use content creation tool which lets you bring your deadliest ideas to life. In it you can develop/mod your own custom scenarios for Plague Inc. and then share them with your friends and, if you want, 85+ million other players!


Push your creativity and imagination to the limit!


Want to make a cat pandemic, an infectious political meme or an alien parasite that makes people’s heads explode? How about a government that evacuates the population of Madagascar to the moon, a YouTube star who turns people into zombies or a travel company that operates hundreds of flights to Greenland every day?

With the Plague Inc: Scenario Creator - you can do all this and lots more! Unleash your creativity and show the world your wonderful/twisted/weird/scary [delete as appropriate] creations.


Access powerful developer labs


The creator contains five labs, each with a specific focus. Choose which of them you want to use for any given scenario:

  • Core lab: Edit core scenario information, write background narratives, set win conditions, edit translations and more
  • Disease lab: Develop a bespoke plague with unique stats and fully customised symptoms, abilities and transmissions.
  • World lab: Control country attributes, such as population, climate, health care budgets, and air routes.
  • Government lab: Dictate actions taken by governments in response to your disease. Modify existing actions or create entirely new ones.
  • Events lab (advanced users): Create game-changing events and narrative pop ups for your scenario using powerful scripting tools.


Share your scenario to make it go viral


Once you’ve made your scenario - choose who you want to infect with it:

  • Share scenarios directly with friends by sending them an email (or a link via Twitter/Facebook/etc)

  • Publish your best scenarios worldwide to over 85 million players with the press of a button

  • See statistics on how many people play your game and what they think about it. Make your virus go viral! Pun intended!


Get it here!

Please note: you must have the original Plague Inc. game in order to play scenarios.

Get the Media Pack here

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