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1) What is Rebel Inc: Escalation? 
In Rebel Inc: Escalation, the war is ‘over’ - but we all know that doesn't mean anything. In order to stabilise a war-torn country, you need to balance competing military and civilian priorities to win the hearts and minds of the people, whilst also stopping a deadly insurgency from seizing power!

Following on from the global mega hit  'Plague Inc.' with over 130 million players, Rebel Inc: Escalation offers a deeply engaging, strategic challenge inspired by the complexities and consequences of modern counter insurgency. It has received acclaim from international development experts and was even featured at a major international peace conference! 

2) When is it out and where can I get it?
Rebel Inc: Escalation is due to launch into Steam Early Access in October 2019. You can check out the Steam page here.

3) Can I play on Mac/Linux?
Rebel Inc: Escalation will be updated to provide Mac support during Early Access. There are currently no plans for a Linux version.

4) Is Rebel Inc: Escalation different from Rebel Inc. on mobile?
In a word: yes!

Rebel Inc: Escalation is very different as we have been able to add a lot of things which would not work on mobile. Rebel Inc: Escalation is a new game for PC and Mac which has been entirely redeveloped from the mobile game (Rebel Inc.). It combines the original critically acclaimed gameplay with significant, all-new features:

  • Gorgeous Graphics - Stabilise a beautifully rendered 3D world that responds to your actions and thrives as you provide jobs and services. Drone cams and civilian TV channels bring your operation to life and show you what's happening on the ground.
  • Clear Intelligence - Plan priorities with Intelligence Reports and Combat SITREPs, geek out with loads of new stats and graphs, and analyse your best strategies with end-of-game replays.
  • New Regions* -  Rebuild a vast dam to prevent catastrophic floods in Azure Dam, dig Insurgents out of cave networks in Black Caves and more…
  • New Governors* - Deploy heavy tanks with the Tank Commander, deploy civilian experts to key zones with the Development Director and more... 
  • Campaign Mode - Conduct large scale operations across multiple regions. Carefully manage your resources, adapt to unique conditions and upgrade your team and abilities as you seek to counter the growing Insurgent threat.
  • Co-Op and VS Multiplayer* - team up to efficiently stabilise the region with friends or compete with them in the shadows to promote your own cause.
  • Custom Scenario Creator* - Who said Nation Building was hard! Develop your own custom scenarios with unique strategic challenges and narratives then share them with Steam Workshop.
  • And much more* - Including daily challenges, speed runs and Mega-Brutal difficulty. Plus loads of new maps, governors and scenarios in future (free!) updates

*Coming later in Early Access

5) How much does Rebel Inc: Escalation cost?
Rebel Inc: Escalation will cost $14.99 USD when it initially releases on Early Access. During Early Access, the price will increase as we add new content to the game. 
Anyone who purchases the game during Early Access will still own the game when it leaves Early Access, and will get all new content at no additional cost.

6) Why does Rebel Inc: Escalation cost more than Rebel Inc. on mobile?

Rebel Inc: Escalation costs $14.99 whereas Rebel Inc. on mobile costs $1.99 + an extra $9.99 for all expansion packs (Black Caves, Azure Dam, etc).

Rebel Inc: Escalation costs more because you get a lot more! The price includes:

  • Every paid expansion that Rebel Inc. has received to date (and all future ones)*
  • Loads of new content updates that we have planned for the future.
  • Significant, all-new features for PC and Mac (as listed above - Vs and Co-op Multiplayer, Scenario Creator etc.)

I've thought long and hard about the price point of the game and I believe that $14.99 is a fair price. It reflects the value of the additional features in Rebel Inc: Escalation without being significantly more expensive than Rebel Inc. on mobile. I hope you agree - either way, please share your opinion with me :)

*We have some cool (non-confirmed) ideas for a paid DLC with a completely different core game - but that’s at least a few years away. Mentioning this now to be fully transparent! :)

7) What languages will you be releasing in?

Rebel Inc: Escalation is currently available in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Japanese. We are planning a Turkish translation in the future - though if you would like to request another language then let us know!

8) Will you charge for updates in the future?
All planned Rebel Inc. mobile updates will be available for free in Rebel Inc: Escalation. 
We have some cool (non-confirmed) ideas for a paid DLC with a completely different core game - but that’s at least a few years away. Mentioning this now to be fully transparent! :)

9) Will I be able to play the Black Caves and Azure Dam maps in Rebel Inc: Escalation?
Yes - we will bring all Rebel Inc. mobile expansions to Rebel Inc: Escalation.

10) What are the system requirements?
We have worked hard to make sure almost any computer can play Rebel Inc: Escalation! Check the store page for specific requirements

11) Does Rebel Inc: Escalation change things for Rebel Inc. on mobile?
Only in a good way! As we did with Plague Inc: Evolved, we have designed Rebel Inc: Escalation carefully so that updates can easily be applied to games across PC and mobile. We still have loads of plans for Rebel Inc. (and Plague Inc. for that matter!) and lots of new updates are on their way. We can’t wait!

12) What is the next mobile update?
It’s top secret at the moment, but we will reveal more details soon!

13) Are you going to keep updating Plague Inc.?
Yes! We’re currently working on something special which we should be able to share with you all soon :)

14) Is it OK to create "Let's Play" videos of me playing Rebel Inc. and Rebel Inc: Escalation?
Of course! Ndemic Creations gives you permission to make gameplay footage or “Let’s Play” type videos of Rebel Inc. and Rebel Inc: Escalation on YouTube or other online video platforms, and monetise them.

15) How can I find out more?
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