Plague Inc: Armageddon is the first major expansion for the critically acclaimed Plague Inc: The Board Game. Infect the world with two radically different disease types, use powerful game-changing genes, deal with Brexit Britain, play with an extra player and a whole lot more.

Get ready to laugh as global vaccination rates drop, cry as your friend evolves a particularly lethal fungal strain of athlete's foot and cheer as your bioweapon devastates entire continents in a single turn.

During the game, players can spend DNA to get unique Genes which power radical tactics and specialise their evolution. Paying too much for a Gene or letting an opponent get it for too little can be the difference between domination and extinction!

New country cards reflect our changing world in the game and mean countries might not be quite as you remember them. Isolationist USA has no transport links, Brexit Britain isn't in Europe, and you can probably guess what happens to Global Warming Greenland...

Loads of new cards can be added into the existing decks, increasing variety and giving you new ways to interact with (and mess with) your friends. New Plague Tokens and Evolution Slides allow an extra player to infect the world. The game now officially supports 1-5 players.

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