Plague Inc: Evolved is leaving Early Access - Version 1.0 coming 18th February 2016!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Plague Inc: Evolved will see its full release on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux next week on 18th February, with the launch of its final major evolution - Co-Op Mode!

Plague Inc: Evolved has been in Early Access for almost two years now and has already been a huge success, with over 800,000 sales across all platforms. By the time we launch, 18 major Evolutions (updates) will have been released, with some of the highlights including competitive & co-operative multiplayer, a custom content creator (with almost 10,000 user-generated scenarios made so far!), three major new disease types and 20 scenarios.


When we first announced the game’s release in Early Access, we had a clear list of features that we intended to bring to the game and I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved all of them (along with lots of other cool things that were requested by players!). Early Access has made the game stronger than we could ever have imagined, thanks to the invaluable community support we’ve received. From the wealth of incredible custom scenarios that have been made, to everyone that helped us populate our city-cams; our multiplayer beta testers, and everybody that’s ever requested a feature or reported a bug, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Evolution 18 will bring the game to version 1.0, adding the final major gameplay mode that players have been waiting for, Co-operative Multiplayer. Co-op brings an entirely new dimension to Plague Inc: Evolved, as players take the role of two different diseases which must work together to infect and destroy the world as a team. The update also adds Multiplayer AI, advanced statistic tracking, a Double Strain cheat and lots of other important features and optimisations.

So far, over 40 quadrillion people* have been infected by players in Plague Inc: Evolved and people are just getting started! After launch, we will continue to add to the game, with new diseases, scenarios, genes and more, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to hear more.

* 40,224,866,097,135,818 and rising to be exact - a rather scary number!

Link to Plague Inc: Evolved Press Pack

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