Play Testing Plague Inc: The Board Game in London

Hi Everyone,
Last week we had 24 kickstarter backers come along to try out Plague Inc: The Board Game in London (split between our office and a nearby pub). We had various groups of 2,3,4 and 5 players and I'm pleased to report that it went really well and everyone had a great time! 
Some of my personal highlights:
  • Hearing one group chanting "Death, Death, Death..." and pounding the table in unison whenever one of them was rolling the death dice to try and kill a country
  • Seeing 2 people who had a tie at the end of the game both pretending to be dead in order to win the tie break 
  • Watching a player hold the Olympics in Ethiopia - only for someone else to immediately nuke the country

Here are some of the comments from players at the end of the game:

  • "Easily replayable - the game will feel different every time I play"
  • "Really fun game. It felt smooth and had a logical flow once you get the hang of it."
  • "I enjoyed it a lot – refreshing and different. Not like other games."
  • "Very good game. I liked the different countries having different resistances, enjoyed wide range of trait cards and really liked the look of the design ."
  • "I really enjoyed it.  An entirely new experience for me. I really liked the graphic design – thought it was spot on."

We also got lots of useful feedback which we have actioned including:

  • Clarifying that trait cards must be discarded if you discard a Country Card 
  • Fixed a very cool exploit combo between 2 Event Cards (Temporary Mutation and Opportunistic Breakdown) 
  • Tweaked wording around DNA points (get -> score) to help remind people that DNA refers to the DNA score track
  • Fixed a place where we said DNA cost on Trait Cards was on the right (it is now on the left) 

In other news - we are currently expecting to receive the pre-production copy of the game which is very exciting as this is the final step before manufacturing begins. Will be sharing more news soon!


Remember - there is still time to make a late pledge and receive a copy of Plague Inc: The Board Game - head here if interested!

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