Mutation Alert! Plague Inc. 1.1 Update live

Get the update now! We have been working day and night to bring you the features that players have been asking for. Plague Inc. is already top of the charts and it just got a whole load better!

1.Universal for iPad – now a fully functioning iPad app which looks truly awesome!

2.Stability enhancements – Eliminated the crashes that some players were experiencing. Also added auto-save function.

3.Game balance – re-balanced Casual and Normal difficulty slightly

4.Message control setting – Can disable help + story messages if you want

5.Evolution options. Evolution traits are now greyed out if you can’t afford them to help select them

6.And many other game AI / balance / performance /control enhancements (e.g. when governments collapse – the country no longer benefits from their policies)

We have future updates planned - let us know what you want in them by email, twitter or facebook!


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