Plague Inc. status, plans and fun facts

Plague Inc. continues to do fantastically - it recently passed the 2 million download mark on the Apple App Store, has been downloaded millions of times on Google Play and over 700,000 games are played each day! 


It is one of the most significant mobile success stories of 2012. Thanks so much to all the players for your support - couldn't have done it without you all :)



If you ever wanted to know what the most popular disease names are as well as some other cool facts - then stop wondering and start finding out by checking this article out:
Mutation 5
The update is almost done now and extremely cool! It will add:
  • A zombie plague type with radically different gameplay, graphics etc
  • New achievements, events, genes
  • Lots of smaller improvements and tweaks
  • Localisation in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French
I will release some pictures in the next few days. When finished - it should be available on both iOS and Android at pretty much the same time
Future plans
  • Bring Plague Inc. to the Amazon App store (Kindle Fire HD etc)
  • Translate Plague Inc. into more languages
  • Work on Mutation 6
  • Bring Plague Inc. to PC, Mac, Console and Windows phone
  • Make a better website (!)

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