Ndemic Creations looking for an elite programmer to join the team

Ndemic Creations is looking for another technical genius to join forces with us and help us with the next stage of global domination! 
This is an opportunity for a passionate and talented programmer to become a key part of our team and use their skills to their full potential. 
You can find the full description of what we are looking for - along with contact details here

About the company: 
Ndemic Creations is a small, global indie game studio dedicated to making premium strategy games for mobile. Its first game was the global hit – Plague Inc. the 15th most downloaded paid game and one of the top 100 grossing apps of 2012 in the US. To date – over 200 million games of Plague Inc. have been played. 

This is just the beginning!

Who we are looking for:
Ndemic Creations is looking for another technical genius to join forces with us and help us with the next stage of global domination! 

We want a talented and passionate C++ programmer with experience in games to help us improve and extend Plague Inc. as well as work on future games. 

You will have full ownership and responsibility for major technical parts of the game and be involved in all aspects of game development (if you want to be). You will work directly with the games designer and collaborate with our existing programmer as required.

  • Implementing new game mechanics/UI in Plague Inc. 
  • Adding new features to the Plague engine 
  • Future – programming new game 
  • Optional – designing tools (e.g. debugging, profiling, web services), porting 
  • Demonstrable 3+ years experience with C++ game programming (or smaller, but interesting projects) 
  • Experience in OpenGL (or DirectX and willing to learn OpenGL) (fixed-pipeline) 
  • Vector (2D) and general math skills 
  • Ability to read and understand code written by others 
  • Flexibility and able to work independently with a strong work ethic 
  • Passionate about producing exceptionally high quality games 
  • (helpful) Experience with Objective-C or iOS development 
  • (helpful) Multi-platform development experience (windows, linux and mac) 
  • (helpful) Able to work from London based office 
What we are offering:
  • Make a difference and be part of something exciting. This is your opportunity to use your technical skills to your full potential and see your work enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. 
  • Industry leading compensation package (inc. profit share on games / stock options) 
  • Flexible employment structure – freelancer or employee 
About the existing team:
  • James Vaughan – CEO and Founder. Created Ndemic Creations in order to make games that he really wanted to play. Producer, Game Designer and everything else… 
  • Mario Hros – programmer. In charge of the game engine, UI, server stuff, advising James on code and everything else technical. 
  • Sofia – graphics. Joshua – sound 
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