Plague Inc. Mutation 6 is live

The Plague Inc. Mutation 6 update is now in the AppStore! (currently working on porting it to Android). 

Change log below.

1. Speed Runs
- How quickly can you kill the world? Speed Run mode challenges you to beat the game as quickly as possible and lets you compare your record against friends
- Time Changes Everything. In order to eradicate the world quickly - you will have to explore radically different strategies to give an edge over the pesky humans
- Be the QuaranTIME champion. Disease specific global leaderboards on GameCenter and Facebook let you show off your strategies to the world and challenge friends

2. CDC content
- In March - the CDC invited me to meet them and talk about the models of infection in Plague Inc. 
- There are now official CDC news headlines inside the game as well as an in-game story where the CDC tracks down Patient Zero.

3. Rebalanced the NAZG achievement for all the rabid fans out there :P

4. Governments can now shut down internet / mobile networks in times of panic

5. Lots of new events, news and achievements including a new Necroa Virus origin story

6. Performance improvements for all devices

7. Minor game balance / AI improvements / bug fix

8. BETA: See how many people you can infect with the new "Infect a Friend" button 

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