'Mega' Mutation 1.8 goes live!

I'm very excited to announce that the next mobile update - 'Mega' Mutation 1.8 - is now live on iOS! It will be available on Android very shortly.

This "Mega" mutation adds Mega Brutal difficulty mode, mega new cheats and enhancements and 4 mega new scenarios. Full change log below.

Hope you enjoy it!


Full Change log:


  1.  “Mega-Brutal” difficulty – for players who thought Brutal was Casual! - Experience Plague Inc.’s toughest challenge yet and try to infect a world with random medical checks, genetic drift and research tech improvements. Adapt or die…
  2. Mega new Cheat Modes – 3 new cheat modes are added which will all give you very different Plague Inc. experiences.
    - Shuffle Strain: All evolutions are mixed up
    - Turbo Strain: Starting country is 100% infected
    - Lucky Dip Strain: Start with 5 random evolutions
  3. Use cheats on any plague type (and even combine different cheat modes!)
  4. New Scenarios – 4 new scenarios give players brand new challenges from infecting the world with a 30,000 year old virus through to surviving in a world with artificial organs.
  5. New events and achievements
  6. Performance improvements for all devices
  7. Minor game balance / AI improvements / bug fix

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