Shadow Plague update now available on PS4 and Xbox One!


We’ve some exciting news for Plague Inc: Evolved players on console, as the Shadow Plague Update is now live! Owners of PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game can log onto their machines right now and the update will install for free, enabling you to take over humanity as an all-powerful vampire!

Devblog - Inside Shadow Plague’s vampiric soundtrack


Ever wondered how the music behind Plague Inc. is put together? Do you find yourself pondering what dark recesses we have to plumb to get the tone just right? Or maybe you’re wondering what all that ominous chanting is really all about? Meet Marius Masalar, the musician behind the dulcet tunes of Plague Inc.’s Shadow Plague update.

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A fascinating thread, detailing the work of 260,000 polio workers on a mission to deliver vaccinations to children…

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