21 days from first infection – Plague Inc. infects ~ 750k

17.06.2012 Tags: Plague Inc., Development, Announcements

Plague Inc. has almost three quarters of a million downloads. It was #1 paid app in the US for iPhone and iPad for 2 weeks. It is a global hit with over 25 thousand 5 star reviews and over 7.5 million games played to date. Follow the link for a detailed analysis which examines how the last 21 days have gone and get a sneak peak into what is coming next :

The Graphics of Plague Inc.

14.06.2012 Tags: Plague Inc., Development

A lot of people have expressed interest in how Plague Inc. was made – going from some scribbles on a notepad into a global success. Here, I interview Sofia about the graphics of Plague Inc. Read on for more...

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Just donated to @Wikipedia - the most useful bit of the internet! (especially when initially developing Plague Inc!…

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