Campaign Update Armoured Divisions, Counter Intelligence and more!

It's time for another exciting Rebel Inc: Escalation update! 

New Tactics and Map Features

We're adding more Tactics and Map Features to Campaign. These can now appear in your campaigns:

New Map Features

Military Tradition

Regions can have a proud military tradition and you will be able to train national soldiers faster!

Regional Survey

Some regions have been thoroughly surveyed and had reconnaissance performed in advance of your arrival, providing you with full intel at the start.

Suggested by Turduckin2287

Subprime Exposure

The year is 2002, the market is up and your international financiers have invested in mortgages, meaning greatly increased income for many years! Until 2007 that is...

Pure Minds

In some regions you can dedicate the education system to rooting out corruption, encouraging reporting and dissuading the next generation from skimming off the top. 

New Tactics

Counter Intelligence

Your undercover operation is yielding results. Agents are able to disrupt the Insurgents by preventing them using their most recently adopted tactic for the rest of the Campaign.

Suggested by K 2

Armoured Division

A tank has become available and can join your Operation immediately. The cavalry is here! 

Remember, if you have any ideas for features or tactics - let us know in this form and if your concept is used, we'll credit you in the update! 


  • Added four Map Features and two Player Tactics
  • Judges Striking: Can no longer happen in Mega Brutal, Map Feature prevented players from being able to buy anti-corruption initiatives.
  • Visual road placement improved, logic for road visuals as they upgrade also slightly improved
  • Fixed issues where some animated elements would freeze and remain indefinitely if other animations were triggered before they got destroyed
  • Fixed news headline for stabilizing regions event
  • Added in-game link to update news and changelogs

We're glad to see everyone has been enjoying the updates to Campaign mode and we've got more coming soon!

The Ndemic Team


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