Sneak Peek: The next big update for Plague Inc.

As mentioned previously, we've been hard at work on a new mode for Plague Inc. where you save the world from a deadly disease outbreak. We hope it will help players understand the scale and complexity of dealing with COVID-19 as well as simulating the effectiveness of different responses.

Making it has been really tough but it is almost ready now so here is a sneak peak. Please note - as the update is still in active development, things will almost certainly change!

Can you Save the World?
In the new mode, you'll be playing as an international health organisation attempting to save the world from a deadly disease outbreak. In a realistic and powerful simulation inspired by real-world pandemic responses - how will you fight the disease?

Investigate: Keep a close eye out for outbreaks, track the spread of disease and try to find patient zero.  

Control: Raise awareness to help the world through the crisis. Determine the best way to slow the disease and preserve your authority.

Quarantine: Lockdown countries and even entire continents! From borders to airports, be aggressive to ensure it doesn't leave infected areas. Be careful though - heavy handed responses without popular support will have significant consequences!

Research: Study the disease and work towards a vaccine. Decide how much time you have to test its safety and efficiency then deploy it to the world

This is the biggest update Plague Inc. has ever had and we want to help as many people as possible understand the complex issues around COVID-19. Until a vaccine is found for COVID-19 or it ceases to be a global health emergency - the DLC will be completely free to download for all Plague Inc. players.

We will share more information with you as soon as we can. 

The Ndemic Creations Team


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