Campaign Update 0.7.4: Relentless Assaults, Regional Watchdogs and Windfall Taxes!

Relentless Assaults and Regional Watchdogs

Time for another update, more Map Features, Player and Insurgent tactics coming to Campaign mode!

Player Tactics

Windfall Tax

To the victor, goes the spoils! With the Windfall Tax, Stable zones will provide significantly more income. 

Modern Warfare

Time to upgrade to modern equipment! New vests, weapons and vehicles all increase soldier combat strength.


Map Features

Regional Watchdog

Corruption has been a problem here for decades but recent efforts to stamp it out are showing signs of success.. These regions already have anti-corruption teams present.

Advisory Role

The Coalition has decided to take a step back from direct combat operations and focus on providing support to the National Military. Coalition soldiers are significantly weaker in combat, but provide much stronger support to National soldiers.

Soft Target

Intelligence reports suggest that Insurgents are now prioritising attacks on key Operation targets such as HQs and Embassies.

Suggested by Gary


Insurgent Tactics

Relentless Assault

The insurgents have noticed that the Operation doesn't respond well to constant and frequent attacks and changed their tactics accordingly. Insurgents will attack more frequently.


In addition to these new Map Features and Tactics, there's more fixes and improvements;



  • Added New Map Features and Tactics: Windfall Tax, Modern Warfare, Regional Watchdog, Advisory Role, Soft Target and Relentless Assault to Campaign mode
  • Player Tactic: Deficit Funding: Fixed issue where the buy button was disabled when the player did not have the funds to buy it
  • Insurgent Tactic: Recruitment Drive: Fixed issue where insurgents would only attack stable zones with this tactic
  • Improved the Campaign progress display to show the number of the map you are about to play, rather than the number of maps completed
  • Fixed issue where losing the final map in Campaign mode would still result in player being awarded the relevant shield for winning a Campaign on the selected difficulty
  • Removed reputation check when selecting “Subtle Pressure” from the "Foreign rival supporting insurgents" decision
  • Prevented a slow peace progress warning from showing after a peace deal is signed
  • Fixed text issues where they would overflow on some lines in certain languages, text now auto scales appropriately
  • Changed the names of pages and speeds in keybinds menu to be consistent
  • Improved uniformity of screen names in a few places (eg.. statistics -> stats screen)
  • Special outcomes of <0.5% chance will now say their probability is ‘<1%’ rather than ‘0%’

We hope you enjoy these new additions, and there are lots of Map Features, Player and Insurgent tactics still to come!

The Ndemic Creations Team

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