Official Scenarios now available for Rebel Inc: Escalation

Jump into the Rebel Inc. multiverse with 13 exciting Official Scenarios! Tackle devious new challenges, discover new ways to play and explore bizarre worlds.

Southern Tropics

The Insurgents aren't the only threat in this hot, humid land. Cases of the Southern Fever have been detected across the Region, leaving Soldiers vulnerable to infection.

There's no cure but the new Medic governor can treat soldiers to get them back to strength and stop them spreading the infection further.

Insurgents On A Tank!


The last insurgents in the Region have stolen a tank and are trying to attack your HQ! The tank can't be killed but your soldiers can make it flee in panic.

Buy your negotiators enough time as they try to persuade the insurgents to come out of the tank!

Evolving Insurgency

The Insurgency is rapidly developing new Tactics. Left to their own devices, they will soon overwhelm any efforts to stabilise the Region. Halt the increasingly dangerous Insurgency and defeat them!

Develop new Tactics of your own to counter an ever expanding insurgency.


Play as every governor... at the same time! With their powers combined, anything is possible.

Flourish and fail with the benefits and the drawbacks of every governor at once.

Flying Fury

Bring death from above with the advanced Helicopter Gunship. Seek and destroy stolen weapons caches, training grounds and camps to force the Insurgents into submission.

Deploy a powerful helicopter to provide mobile offensive and defensive capabilities during this engagement.

Move fast; hit hard.

Corporate Development

A mega-corporation has secured all construction contracts in the region. The Board of Directors refuses to allow the unsupervised roll out of civilian initiatives so multiple Experts must be deployed to roll out Initiatives directly.

Balance Experts, Hostility and Corruption to stabilise the Region zone by zone.

Embassy Evacuation

Insurgents are launching a huge attack to kidnap negotiators and disrupt the fragile peace process.
Strategically evacuate your embassies before the insurgents reach them and hold out against relentless assault waves until the peace deal can be signed.

Dark Tunnels

A large and well-established network of interconnected Tunnels has been identified in this Region, allowing the Insurgency to attack or flee through Zones across the map. Bunker Buster missiles have been authorised to assist in stabilising the Region.

Careful strategic management of military resources will be required to suppress the insurgency here.

Defense Grid

The Insurgents are using advanced cell tactics and splintering whenever defeated in combat.

The use of AI Sentry Turrets has been authorised. Equipped with threat sensors, they can pin Insurgents down and inflict heavy casualties over time.

Use high-tech automated defences to fight a tenacious Insurgency.

Ultra Mega Insurgency

The Insurgency is equipped with every Insurgent Tactic! The odds are against you and extreme strategic abilities will be needed to win.

WARNING - this is the most challenging Rebel Inc. scenario ever! The developers can just about manage to beat it on casual difficulty…

Hell's Highway

Vital convoys are headed towards the soon-to-be-completed Azure Dam carrying supplies and machinery. But first, they have to navigate Hell's Highway and the Insurgents know they are coming...

Defend convoys from those damned(!) Insurgent attacks as they travel through the region.

Immortal Fortress

Insurgents have established a base of operations in an ancient mountain fortress. The structure offers a formidable defence against military intervention; the Insurgents will not let it fall easily.

Break through the Insurgent fortifications and gain control of the fortress to secure the Region.

Desolate Fields

After decades of civil war, the once tranquil Saffron Plains have fallen to the Insurgency. The thriving saffron trade has died out, and the population has turned to your Operation to save the Region from the brink of collapse.

A fast and effective response will be required to save this Region before it's too late.

That's it for this year! We'll be developing more scenarios in the future, what would you like to see? Fill out this form, post in the Steam Forums or join our Discord and tell us what you want to see! 

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