120 Million: Infecting the World with Games that Make You Think

In mid-June, our very own James Vaughan, founder of Ndemic Creations and creator of Plague Inc., was invited to give a keynote talk at the 16th annual Games for Change Festival about Plague Inc., Rebel Inc., and how to make successful social impact games. The event, focused on the social and educational impact of games, hosted a variety of experts within the industry to talk about their experiences with diversity, accessibility and the process of making games in a conscious way.



Photo credit: Jane Kratochvil, Games for Change. 

James’ keynote focused on his experience developing Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc. and his lessons learned for anyone seeking to make a successful and socially impactful game.

“Travelling to New York to discuss my journey and share my ideas with talented developers and designers at Games for Change was a real pleasure,” said James, detailing his experience at the event. 

“With 120 million players, our games are proof that there is a significant demand from players for intelligent games that look at serious, real world issues.”

You can watch the full talk on YouTube here.

Editor's note:
After watching James’ talk almost 120 million times, we decided to watch some other keynotes from the conference. Here are a few of our favourites!

It's All Game Design with Jessica Brillhart
Stopping Harassment Through Design with Brittan Heller
Build a Better Game Community with Leo Olebe

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