Plague Inc: Armageddon OUT NOW!

We are excited to announce that Plague Inc: Armageddon is officially available to buy at retail on either Amazon or your FLGS. You can get it at this link!

Plague Inc: Armageddon

Plague Inc: Armageddon is the first major expansion for the critically acclaimed Plague Inc: The Board Game. Infect the world with two radically different disease types (Bioweapon and Fungus), use powerful game-changing genes, deal with Brexit Britain and a whole lot more.

Armageddon takes Plague Inc. to the next level, supporting new play styles, expanding strategic choices as well as adding more variety to an already extremely replayable game. It also lets you play with an extra player!

Plague Inc: The Board Game

Based on ‘Plague Inc.’ with over 130 million players worldwide, Plague Inc: The Board Game combines the best bits of the original game with a unique tabletop design. The result is a game with a realistic theme and engaging gameplay which can be enjoyed by anyone who likes the idea of infecting people with the plague! 

Buy Plague Inc: The Board Game here, and buy Plague Inc: Armageddon here!


Stay Healthy,

James and the Ndemic Creation team

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