Mutation Alert! Plague Inc. 1.2 Update live

Get the update now from iTunes! We have been working day and night to bring you the features that players have been asking for. Plague Inc. is already top of the charts and it just got a whole load better!

1. New events and achievements (e.g. global warming, anarchist bombs and economic meltdown)

2. Major performance upgrade – e.g. fixes unlock + stability issues on iPad 1 and iPod 4

3. iCloud synchronisation - keep your unlocked disease types on multiple devices

4. Accelerated Unlock – Option to pay to unlock diseases faster if you don’t want to play properly :P

5. And many other game balance / AI / interface improvements

We have future updates planned – let us know what you want in them! (Plans may involve zombies!) 


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Ticks and the diseases they cause are a serious and growing threat.

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