Devblog - Inside Shadow Plague’s vampiric soundtrack


Ever wondered how the music behind Plague Inc. is put together? Do you find yourself pondering what dark recesses we have to plumb to get the tone just right? Or maybe you’re wondering what all that ominous chanting is really all about? Meet Marius Masalar, the musician behind the dulcet tunes of Plague Inc.’s Shadow Plague update.

Scenario Creator set for launch, Board Game hits retail and Shadow Plague infects PS4 and Xbox One!

03.04.2017 Tags: Plague Inc., Development, Board Game, Scenario Creator, Plague Inc: Evolved, PS4, Xbox One, Dev Blog, Shadow Plague

Welcome to our April 2017 Dev Blog update! We’ve been hard at work and have got loads of news to share with you all. Through the break you'll find all the latest on the Scenario Creator on mobile, and we've an update for players keen to pick up a copy of Plague Inc: The Board Game. There's also some hotly anticipated news on the Shadow Plague update as it swoops onto consoles.

Scenario Creator for Plague Inc. announced for mobile

01.02.2017 Tags: Plague Inc., Development, Announcements

I’m excited to announce the next big thing for Plague Inc: - a Scenario Creator app for iOS and Android! The Plague Inc. Scenario Creator is a powerful yet easy to use content creation tool which lets players bring their deadliest ideas to life as they develop/mod their own custom scenarios for Plague Inc. and then share them with friends as well as 85+ million other players! (if they want)

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Have you seen the new trailer for Dollars & Disasters? Rebel Inc.'s biggest expansion yet! Coming soon. #rebelinc

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