Spring Cleaning Update is out now for Rebel Inc.

The Spring Cleaning Update is out now on Steam! and Mobile!


Balance Changes


  • Zones are less likely to be picked for zone actions if Insurgents are adjacent, the impact of this has now been lessened for the HQ zone
  • Charity decision now always appears between 30-60 turns after the initiative has been purchased
  • Rebalanced VS Multiplayer mode Region income bonuses (Steam only)
  • In the Peace Deal decision, the chance for Support Level to catastrophically fall now only appears after the third time the "Threaten" option is selected, or if Support Level is really low


  • Slightly reduced the Inflation caused when purchasing Jobs Initiatives
  • Reduced the cost of Electricity Initiatives
  • Increased the boost Electricity Initiatives give to future zone action rollout speed


  • New Concerns should now appear less frequently, rewarding players that are able to satisfy them early
  • Decreased the average number of Initiatives required to satisfy a local Concern
  • Concerns for Security, Road, Telecom, Electricity and Jobs will now grow slower than Concerns for other Initiatives
  • If there are no stable Zones, Initiative rollouts will now heavily prioritize building in your most stable Zone
  • Funding an initiative now slows down all corresponding Concerns
  • Concerns now have a slightly higher chance to appear
  • Further reduced the growth rate of Security, Electric, and Telecom Concerns


  • Further improved build rollouts to more accurately select high priority initiatives

General (Governor)

  • The General now starts with 3 Garrisons instead of 1
  • Artillery Upgrades and Underbarrel Attachments now cost less and have a slightly stronger effect
  • Martial Law now sets your reputation to 16 instead of 8

Tank Commander

  • The cost of Tank Commander's Initiatives has been reduced slightly for Brutal and Mega Brutal


  • Warlord has a longer delay before losing reputation to lack of Stability
  • Increased the strength of the Warlord's National Soldiers
  • Decreased the rate at which the Warlords National Soldiers become restless


  • Wealthy Exile has a much stronger effect

Opium Trail

  • Significantly increased the time required before Poppy Fields fields in Remote zones give an increase to Insurgent Capability
  • Significantly slowed the rate of Reputation loss from Poppy Fields in Remote zones

Golden Sands


  • Adjusted the equation for Insurgent Raids, giving more time between Raid missions on higher difficulties
  • Increased operational Budget
  • Improved conditions for other Golden Sands decisions
  • Improved conditions to achieve Shai Hulud achievement


Campaign Tactics and Features

  • Sleeper cells should now always trigger if Insurgents control 3 or fewer zones, with the spawn probability trailing off as before when controlling more zones
  • Reduced the number of Zones Insurgents flee to when using the “Split and Run” tactic
  • Targeted Air Support: Reduced to 1 star
  • Espresso Shots: Reduced to 1 star
  • Combat Simulation: Reduced to 1 star
  • Expectation Management: Now more likely to appear
  • Development Roadmap: Now more likely to appear
  • Gold Standard: Increased to 3 stars (no longer appears in Mega-Brutal)
  • Propaganda Team: Increased from 4 to 5 reputation per camp destroyed. Increased to 2 stars.
  • Intelligence Gathering: Now also funds the District Representatives initiative for free
  • Mass Intelligence Gathering: Now also funds both the District Representatives and Regional Census initiatives for free
  • Dangerous Driving: Now kills 3 insurgents on entering the zone (up from 1).
  • Informants: All Insurgent Camps are now fully revealed regardless of intel.

QOL / Gameplay Improvements


  • Added additional Turkish Localisation
  • Improved wording on the Campaign mode score screen
  • Updated VS mode region income bonuses to factor in the currently selected Governor (Steam only)
  • Added difficulty completion shields to Official Scenarios
  • Added new Operation Name Generator words
  • Added a popup to confirm closing the game
  • Updated Steam SDK to improve performance on M1 Macs
  • The Governor selection menu will now remember your current selection when going back and forward in the UI
  • Region screen minimap now correctly colours Zones based on current Intel, rather than historical Intel values
  • Garrison decisions are now less likely to appear in Zones you have recently rejected
  • Insurgent retreat and combat logic has been optimized to improve calculations
  • Scenarios can now be unsubscribed from in the Scenario Browser


  • Soldiers now show the support icon / rifle when supporting over a river
  • Tank Attachments can now be placed on Units in rough terrain when using the "All Terrain Tank" Tactic
  • When Deficit Funding is active, all initiatives now appear in their "can be afforded" UX state (not greyed out)

Bug Fixes

Main Game

Civilian Gameplay

  • Fixed issue where you couldn't resolve service protests over lack of Jobs or Services
  • Fixed a bug where all Concerns would only require one Initiative to solve
  • Free initiatives can now be purchased when you have negative funds
  • Fixed the "Pause" text not showing at the start of the game
  • Fixed an issue where new buildings would not be visible

Combat Gameplay

  • Fixed issue where combat victories were sometimes counted in the wrong Zone
  • Fixed issue where Fight progress would reset in the Zone Insurgents flee into
  • Fixed issue where fleeing Insurgents could still destroy rolled out Initiatives
  • Fixed issue where Insurgents would gain control of a Zone while losing in combat
  • Fixed issue where Security Checkpoints benefit would persist after a Garrison was destroyed
  • Insurgents should no longer be able to control zones while losing in combat
  • Fixed an issue where the cooldown for manual garrisons was longer than the normal Garrisons
  • Soldiers placed directly on top of Experts now no longer become immobile

Various Gameplay

  • Improved Decisions firing conditions
  • Fixed issue when using the Infinite Reputation cheat, the player could not use it in Decisions
  • Fixed issue where Coalition Soldiers could withdraw during the tutorial
  • Fixed various typos

Azure Dam

  • Fixed issue where Azure Dam decision option "Harvest Fish" both cost and gave Funds
  • Fixed a bug where the "months until next convoy" message could appear as a negative value

Opium Trail

  • Fixed issue where a field in Opium Trail was not desaturating when the containing Zone had no Intel
  • Fixed issue in Opium Trail where Zones with full Intel would be delayed in updating
  • Tourist Advisor now correctly gives Intel on two Zones in Mega Brutal on Opium Trail
  • Fixed an issue where Poppy Fields were invisible if next a Garrison

Golden Sands


  • Fixed issue where Golden Sands text would appear in many Initiatives
  • Fixed issue where mobile map of Golden Sands would be missing features


Campaign / Tactics / Features

  • Fixed an issue where the popup announcing another region stabilising in Campaign mode was not translating
  • Sniper Support no longer prevents Morale Boost from working
  • Fixed issue where the correct number of Soldiers wouldn't be available when the National Surge or Coalition Surge Map Features were active
  • Fixed an issue where Warlords Restless Soldiers Decision would remain on the map if the associated soldier was killed by Insurgents using the “Overwhelming Force” Tactic
  • Fixed issues where “Deficit Funding” wouldn't allow the player to spend funds
  • Fixed an issue where the “Dangerous Driving” tactic would only ever be able to kill 1 Insurgent, even when set to a higher value in the Scenario Creator


  • Fixed issue where Insurgent fighters continue to spawn in a Training Complex zone, even after the Structure was destroyed
  • Fixed issue where Sentry Turret would appear in Active Ability's UI when not in use
  • Insurgents can no longer gain more than 6 Tactics in the 'Evolving Insurgency' scenario

Scenario Creator

  • Fixed a bug where Zone actions created in the Scenario Creator with a finite number of rollout Zones could sometimes roll out in more Zones than intended.
  • UI now correctly displays how many Zones a Zone action can roll out in if it is set to a finite number
  • Fixed issue where some Structures would become indestructible when put in the same zone as other structures

Co-Op (Steam Only)

  • Fixed issue where Co-Op menu buttons would stop working


Known Issues 

We are actively looking for information on these very rare issues which we can’t reproduce, let us know if you encounter any - give us as much information as you can!

  • Soldiers continue to be stuck in an endless fight even when Insurgents have been killed or "Ghost Insurgents" as it's become known. We have been unable to find reliable steps to reproduce this issue, and we are also keen to know if the issue still persists after the additional fixes included in this update
  • When playing Co-Op multiplayer, the game can break on the Governor/Region select screens (Steam only)
  • Some decisions are not reappearing when saving and loading the game while they are on the map
  • Very rarely, airstrikes sometimes don't work, especially in multiplayer VS


Developer Notes

  • Insurgents can be killed without fully surrounding them if your soldiers' combat strength is high enough. This is an intended feature of the combat system.
  • The 'Pure Minds' Map Feature has multiple issues and will not be re-introduced to the game
  • We have no current plans to bring Ultra Mega Brutal to private matches in VS
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